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Title: Valentie's Day

Casts: Ashton Kutcher, Jessica Alba, Anne Hathaway, Topher Grace,
Taylor Lautner, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Garner, Patrick Dempsey, Jamie Foxx, Eric Dane,
Julia Roberts

Genre: Drama

Rating: I'd love to see it again ^_^

Pic: torrentavi.com


Reed owns a flower store, one morning he proposes his girlfriend Morley and surprises everybody for the acceptance. His best friend, Julia is dating a gorgeous doctor, Harrison Copeland, but leave her in valentine's day because Harrison has business to do in San Fransisco, eventually Reed finds out that Harrison is a married man.
Julia's student Edison is busy preparing valentine card and ordering a rose bouquet to his special valentine. Edison's grandparents, Edgar and Estelle are a happy couple before Estelle finally opens up her past affair.
Grace is Edison's babysitter, who plan to make love for the first time with her boyfriend, Michael. They plan to do it in Grace's house since her parents are out of town but after Michael arrives and prepare everything, Grace's mother comes home and ruin their plan.

Jason is a guy next door type that has a one nightstand with his co worker, Liz, whom actually also work as an adult phone operator. They both working to Paula Thompson, a lady of confident and hate valentine day.

Kelvin Moore is an avid sport reporter but on valentine's day, his boss make him do valentine's interviews. Between interviewing couples, he skips to interviewing Sean Jackson, famous football player which has not decides his future carrier. Kelvin meets devastated single Kara, Sean's publisher, and due to her lack of romance story, she hates valentine and prepare "I hate valentine" party.

Capt. Kate Hazeltine and Holden meet on flight in their way back to California. Kate only has one night to meet her special guy and Holden keep tries to get to know her.
Each couple has their own problem in valentine's day, related to break ups, betrayal, friendships, and finding true love and true self.


At first, i was surprised to see so many famous faces in the film. And since everybody is important, you really don't know who is the central of the story. Each person has their own story line, so it's amazing to see them all in one movie and don't make you confuse with the whole chaos in it. The movie was great and to gather all those A-list stars are not an easy job, so i think the director has made a great job. Everybody is important in the movie. Awesome ^_^

Fun facts:
  • Sam Worthington, Jake Gyllenhaal and Orlando Bloom all turned down the role of Holden. Worthington also turned down the role of Sean Jackson
  • Felicia has the number 13 drawn on her hand it's actually Swift's lucky number.
  • Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock and Jodie Foster all turned down the role of Captain Kate Hazeltine
  • Julia Roberts was paid nearly $12,000 for each word she says in this film: 251 words in return for, reportedly, a $3 million paycheck
  • Julia Stiles auditioned for the role of Kara, but lost to Jessica Biel.
  • The Hollywood Forever Cemetery only shows movies during the summer, not on Valentine's Day
  • imdb.com

The Haunted Airman

Title: The Haunted Airman

Casts: Robert Pattinson, Rachael Stirling, Julian Sands

Genre: Mystery, Drama

Rating: Boring T_T

Pics : dangermagnet.com


Toby Jugg is being disabled after an enemy plane shot his plane. He is sent to a eerie hospital by his aunt, Julia (and his lover) so he can have better treatments. Toby starts to see weird things and suspect his doctor uses strange methods to his patients so he refuses to trust the doctor. Things get harder after Toby sees one of hospital's patients dead body. Toby's afraid and no one to talk to, Julia never reply his mails, but then he finds out that all Julia's mail are being held by Dr. Burns. With Julia stays in the hospital, Toby doesn't feel any better nor trust anyone.


Robert seriously need to find a better plotted movie after breaking dawn, and that means soon. This movie is boring. Not spooky or thrilling (i think it meant to be thrilling and spooky), and i have no idea what is the plot of the movie. Why Toby can't trust anyone? What means thing that Dr. Burns did other than Toby thinks he's suspicious? And the ending? For God sake, how can somebody is almost killed and not even scream? Sigh...no good


Title : Remember Me

Casts : Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin, Ruby Jerins,
Pierce Brosnan

Genre : Drama

Rating : Like it ^_^


Life is limited and you need to do things you should do no matter how insignificant it may seems. Tyler Hawkins is a rebellious, poetic, and synical young man. Being close with his mother and sister, Caroline, he has a strained relationship with his father, Charles, since a tragedy happened and took his brother, Michael, life. One day Tyler's housemate Adrian takes him to a local bar where they ended being involved in to a fight with some strangers. Due to insulting a police officer, Tyler is sent to jail. Adrian calls Tyler's father and have them out of jail. Feeling angry, Tyler rush to Charles' office, said he never ask him to bail him out and promise to pay the expense.

Adrian finds out that the police officer that arrested them has a daughter and insists that Tyler introduce himself to her. On their second date, Ally fell has a terrible hangover and fell asleep in Tyler’s room, this lead to Ally’s disagreement with her father, she left her home and stay at Tyler’s apartment. On his birthday, Tyler let his father arrange diner in exchange to have him present in Caroline, his sister, exhibition. Just as the diner finished, he got a phone call and leave, tough he promises to attend Caroline exhibition, he never shows up. Caroline feel dejected and assured that his father dislike her, Tyler is angry because their father can’t keep his promise. Meanwhile, Ally is finally finds out that Tyler first intention to get close to her due to a bet, and leave him madly.


I think this film portrayed many families in reality. Lots of children have problems with their parents and sometimes the problem grows bigger as the time goes by. And yes, to be supported with your family means a lot especially in rough times. You don't need to squeeze your eyebrows to see the movie, it's sweet and understandable. I love Robert Pattinson but my favorite guy in the movie is Pierce Brosnan ^_^, i see many real dads just like him in the film.

Fun facts:
  • During breaks while doing a street scene, Robert Pattinson was injured as he tried to flee from fans and paparazzi. He did not watch where he was going and ran into a parked cab. His injuries were not major or life-threatening (ffiuh..)
  • The movie obviously takes place in summer 2001, but in one scene, there is a Ford cargo van that did not come out until 2009.
  • At the beginning of the movie Ally is given a lift to college by her father. When she leaves the house she is in a red top but when she gets out of the car it is khaki.
  • imdb.com

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The A-Team

Title : The A-Team

Casts: Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Jessica Biel, Sharlto Copley,
Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson, Patrick Wilson

Genre: Actions

Rating: Great, great, great!

Pic: 21cineplex.com


A a deserted place in Mexico, two corrupt cops are torturing a hostage. They left him with two ferocious dogs but instead of dead, the hostage is free himself.
Hannibal saves Face after enlisting disgraced Ranger Bosco B.A Barracus, driving to the rescue in B.A.'s modified GMC van.They stop in a nearby hospital to recruit Murdock and make a flee in a medical chopper

Eight years and 80 succesfull mission, the team is assign to Iraq. Hannibal is contacted by CIA Agent Lynch who reveals that Iraqi rebellion possess U.S. treasury plates being used to manufacture fake money. Lynch wants Hannibal and his team to steal the plates and over one billion dollars in counterfeit cash that will be moved out of Baghdad. In the other hand Captain Charissa Sosa arrives in the site and warns her ex-lover Face, to stay away from the plates.
Succeed to assure his commander in chief General Morrison, Hannibal agrees to take the job. The mission is successful but once they landed, Morrison's jeep is blow up, one minute after, the container that contain the fake money is also explode, and they unable to stop Pike to bring the plates. Without Morrison, there's no support that their action is authorized, and they are sentenced 10 years.

Six months after, Hannibal is visited by Lynch that reveals Pike probably tries to sell the plate to Arab backer. Lynch agrees to do something to release Hannibal and clean his team's name as a reward returning the plates. Hannibal and his team are escaping, during his time in prison B.A. becomes a religious person and refuses to kill but willing to join the team. Sosa believes Hannibal and his team work for Pike and trails them hard, she also has personal grudge since she's downgraded to lieutenant. She tries to intercept before the team leaves Germany, but the team manage to escape in a tank.


I remember to see the A team in the only television station when i was a kid. The actions were great and since i always love to watch movie so mostly i watched the series. I can tell the remake is even better. I love to see Liam Neeson, Bradly Cooper, and even Sharlto Copley as Hannibal, Face, and Murdock. Buuuut, to see B.A. got enlightenment seem weird he he, i mean B.A? Enlightenment? You must be kidding. But overall, it's a great movie. The actions part was cool, the story line was exciting. Love it ^_^

Fun facts:
  • When B.A. meets Hannibal, he says he was a member of the 4th Ranger Battalion. There are currently only 3 Battalions in the 75th Ranger Regiment. The 4th, 5th, & 6th Battalions were formed during and disbanded at the end of World War II.
  • Pike is arrested in Frankfurt and interrogated in a building identified as the Embassy of the United States which is actually located in Berlin. The Consulate General of the United States is located in Frankfurt.
  • In the scene where Hannibal is being cremated: bodies are always put into some sort of container. Bodies are never placed "loose" in the chamber.
  • The A-Team's "retrieval" of the plates and the Arab are supposed to be in Germany. However, you can very clearly see Vancouver's Sears Tower outside of the office that the events happen in
  • When Hannibal fakes his death, the doctor's name on the tag is Dr Schultz, a reference to Dwight Schultz who portrayed Murdoch in the original series
  • imdb.com


Title : Eclipse

Cast : Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Bryce Dallas Howard, Dakota Fanning,
Xavier Samuel

Genre : Drama

Rating : Average

Pic : 21cineplex.com


A series of disappearance haunts Seattle and creeps to small city of Forks. Closer to her graduation day, Bella has lots in her mind. She begins to feel sad to realize that she's about to leave everything when she's changed. Edward tries to buy some time so Bella could stay human longer, and asks Bella to marry him if she insists him to change her. And tough Edward's condition makes her reluctant, Bella has no other way but accepts.
While having lunch, Alice is suddenly froze so Bella thinks she probably sees something regarding the Volturi, but Edward keeps saying nothing's wrong and remind Bella that she has an open ticket that need to use to visit her mom in Jacksonville.
While Edward and Bella away, the Cullens are preparing to catch Victoria, with Alice's vision, they try to intercept Victoria's way but failled when she disappears in Quileute territory and pushed to back away by several werewolf.

Bella and Jacob ride on motorcycle and left Edward worried by the time she comes back from Jacksonville, Jacob is furious to know that Bella is about to change as a vampire after graduation and wish Bella to die rather than being a vampire, this hurts Bella but Jacob determines to make Bella loves him since he believes that he suits Bella better than Edward.
The graduation is coming, Bella, Edward, and Alice are graduating, that's when Edward finds that there's a stranger coming to Bella's house and stole her belongings and it bothers Edward, so he's taking Bella to meet his family. Jasper and Emmett lost the trail of the smell and have no idea who is the intruder, Bella suggests Volturi but Alice said she will know if the Volturi make their movement.

Fears for Bella's safety, Edward tells her not to meet Jacob again, but Bella insists that the whole pack of werewolf would never harm her, so she keeps visiting Jacob, and during one of the visits, Jacob confess his love to Bella and kiss her. Being real mad, Bella punches him and broke her fingers that almost made Edward kills Jacob if Charlie's not show up.
meanwhile Alice is foreseeing an army of newborn vampire is coming to Forks that leads an alliance between the Cullens and Quiluete's werewolves.


I can say i'm a huge fans of twilight saga, but somehow, this movie failed me. I can't see the big chemistry between Bella and Edward tough there were lot's of kisses, but still you can't feel the passion as you feel it when you read the book. And halo! Bella shouldn't be that tough and brave! Well, she's tough and brave but in a timid way, after all she's just human! But this movie's version Bella is waay tougher, like she's the vampire herself.
Anyway, i love Dakota Fanning, she's mean, i felt real crept by seeing her talking. The action parts were good, that's the part that made me stop complaint up until the end of the movie. I can't say this movie is as good as the book, cause it's not. Sigh...

Fun facts:
  • During the scene where the Cullens are watching the news, the woman says "reporting live". She's in Seattle and it's night time there but at the Cullens' house we can see it's day time (through the window). Forks and Seattle are in the same time zone, therefore it should be the same time of the day in both places.
  • It's mentioned a couple times that Riley (as a human) has been missing for over a year. But when Charlie is looking at the Missing Persons flyer, it says Riley was last seen in May 2010.
  • It was revealed by Taylor Lautner in an interview that the censors required that the wolves have no genitalia whenever they appear on screen.
  • Robert Pattinson refused to let his eyebrows be plucked/waxed down as they had been in the previous two films
  • imdb.com

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The Time Traveler's Wife

Title : The Time Traveler's Wife

Cast : Eric Bana, Rachel Mc Adam, Ron Livingston

Genre : Drama

Rating : Boring T_T

Pic : wikipedia.com


Henry De Tamble is a time traveler; having a genetic disorder which caused him to travel through time unwillingly, to the past and the future. He begins to travel at 5 while driving with his mom just before a crash happened, which eventually kills his mother. Henry meets his future wife Claire, when she’s only 6.

Henry and Claire meet at the library when Henry is 28 and Claire is 20, this present Henry has no idea who Claire is, since the one that met Claire in her childhood was older Henry, so Claire tells him the story. Soon, they get married and Henry is suddenly disappearing before the ceremony, but the older Henry shows up. The couple later finds up that Claire is having trouble carrying a pregnancy due to Henry’s gene disorder. After six miscarriages, Alba is born. Unlike her father, Alba can control where she wanted to go. Before Alba born, Henry is time travelling to the future and meet 5 year old Alba, and finds that he’ll die at 43.


I like to book very much. It’s the kind of romance book that you won’t like to put off before it finishes ^_^. Anyway, the film was not that fascinating. Don’t get me wrong, I love drama, and mostly I watch drama, but when I saw this film, I just feel very bored. They adapted mostly from the book, but somehow it felt plain and boring. The relationship between Henry and Claire was not as strong as the book.. Oh well, anyway, it is hard to make a film from a bestseller book, mostly I’ll be disappointed, so I’ll just deal with that.

Fun Facts:
  • Adrien Brody was the first choice of the writer to play Henry (they should use him)
  • Shipped to theaters under the name "Meadow"
  • imdb.com

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Title : New Moon

Cast : Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning, Billy Burke

Rating : Nice ^_^

Genre : Drama

Pic : 21cineplex.com


On Bella's 18th birthday, she never gives up hope to change her mortality to immortality but Edward is resisted. The birthday party planned carefully by Alice is turning into disaster when Bella accidentally cut her finger and shed a drop of blood, Jasper is gone mad and attack Bella, Edward in attempt to save her, push Bella backward and crashed on a glassed desk and caused her more injuries and more blood. Only Carlisle to remain calm, the other Cullens are move out to avoid Bella's blood smell.

The next day, Edward asks Bella for a walk, and suddenly he said that they will move from Forks. Bella said that she needs a reason for Charlie, but Edward said that she stays. He and his family will leave Forks forever. He promises Bella that he will never show up in front of Bella soon, she will forget everything about him, and for Charlie's sake he wants Bella to take care of herself and avoid troubles. Edward's gone as soon as he finishes speaking, Bella is trying to keep pace but when the night comes, she stumbles and just lays down, heart broken.

For months Bella is grieving, yelling in her sleeps and makes her dad, worried. Charlie than decides to send Bella back to her mother in Jacksonville, but Bella refuses and said she will have a girls night out with Jessica. while walking after watch a movie with Jessica, Bella sees a bunch of guys with motorcycle, when Bella walks nearer, she's surpraised to see Edward's reflection which asks her to move back.

Bella than finds a perscription of her devastating loss, every danger made her sees and hears Edward again. So she asks Jacob help to repair broken motorcycles that she found.
Bella finds comfort in Jacob, he's a young and happy teen. They get along well until one day Jacob is suddenly avoid her. Bella desperately needs to make up her friendship with Jacob but Jacob is backed away. Even he join what he called Sam's pack which he distates earlier.

With Jacob's absent Bella begins to feel the big hole in her chest again, and she decides to find the prairie once Edward and her visited. Laurent, one of the vampire, shows up. He knows that The Cullen is away from Forks and aware that nobody protects Bella. He also said that Victoria maybe furious if he kills Bella now, but he can't resist to Bella's appealling blood smell. Before Laurent does anything, giant wolves appear, run after the frightened vampire.


I lost track of time to wait the movie, it's soooo long! Sigh. Though i know the story (and still very much remember tough i stop read the novel months ago T_T), i still want to see the film ^_^. But i can say i'm not to satisfied. One: the make up. Oh God, my gorgeous Rob looks extremely weird. Most of the scene, the white features are just too much. Come on guys, he's originally white and pale, why is it hard to make his features look a bit natural? Aro is just the same. Dakota looks great, they should use her make up artist, hmpppffh!
Second, it's kind of different than the book, well maybe they have reasons, but i just can't stand to see what they did to Edward! They made his character into weak and helpless. Arrrggh!
If you read the book, the sadness is devastating but you don't see it in the movie. Bella should be extra sad to be left behind. And the last scene, where a werewolf and a vampire stand face to face with Bella in between, Edward should be looked more..fierce. Afterall, a vampire hates werewolf right?

Fun Facts:
  • It takes 36 hours to change Nikki Reed hair's colour, so she reportedly use wig
  • Jamie Campbell Bower who plays Caius, originally casts for Edward at 2008
  • imdb.com